With personal preparedness survival gear and LED lights the Lithium-ion Humless solar generator battery plus solar panels helps prepper in storm shelter survive a power outage.
Lithium ion phosphate protable Humless generator best prices


To help you prepare for the challenges and storms in life such as the Joplin tornado, the Humless Sentinel offers a new class of all-in-one portable battery power and lighting systems, emergency essentials that operate silently and without fumes. Instant back-up power for any number of situations from personal survival and humanitarian emergencies to enjoying comfortable outdoor living in the wilds. The Humless Sentinal is the flagship within the range offering 50 Amp Hours of stored power with the capability of its power being replenished from a variety of green sources in the field such as wind and photovoltaic solar power sources as well as from traditional power sources. Essential as part of a complete 72 hour kit, Available as a kit with many useful accessories, or as a stand- alone unit ready to meet most power outage scenarios. It's called personal preparedness in urban or rural survival situations. Need technical data for this perfect partner to your food storage?

Note: The Humless Sentinel also sells under the brand name FUEL-LESS Generator.

Solar accessories etc

While some accessories come as standard with Humless rechargeable lithium-ion kits, you may consider these individual accessories and optional items as emergency essentials. They are available for order. Need to know more?